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Thursday, 20 October 2011

sleeping + tidur

Bile aja cuti sem, mula la penyakit aku datang balik - sleeping disorders. Bermacam-macam jenis penyakit lam sleeping disorders ni. Maiii.....bace ni - 

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

DSPS is a sleep disorder in which the cycle of sleep and wakefulness in a person's 24-hour day is significantly delayed. As a result, the clock-dependent alerting mechanism in our brains that releases the hormones that give us energy gets activated a lot later at night than we may like it to.

This then translates to a person having trouble falling asleep at a desired time, instead either up and awake for too long or laying in bed with a racing mind. You can essentially think of it as jet lag--the exact same mechanisms are in play--minus the actual airplane flight.

Naturally, being up very late can make it VERY difficult to wake up within the parameters of the person's daily schedule, i.e. a sufferer sufferer of delayed sleep phase syndrome who is unable to sleep before 2 to 4 am will subsequently have a real difficulty, or even complete inability, to wake up at a "normal" time the following day (or the necessary time for work or school).Of course, this then turns into into lost sleep if the individual does have to wake up early in the morning, perpetuating a cycle that can have serious consequences for everything from mood to alertness to productivity.Of course, this then turns into into lost sleep if the individual does have to wake up early in the morning, perpetuating a cycle that can have serious consequences for everything from mood to alertness to productivity


Selalu berlaku pada pelajar, di mana sukar untuk tidur awal dan sudah semestinya sukar untuk bangun pada pagi esoknya harinya. Buktinya ...........

Dr. D's Sleep Book Says...
"In delayed sleep phase syndrome, there is a theoretical implication that the ability of the circadian system to phase advance may be sluggish or actually abnormal. In most cases, however, it is more likely that the delayed phase of the rhythm is also maintained by the behavior of the person, together with the tendency of the major clock-dependent period of alerting to occur late in the day rather than early."


Cara mengatasinya adalah dengan -????

Bright Light Therapy

Often the most successful treatment of DSPS is a method known as Bright Light Therapy.
Bright Light TherapyBright light therapy, used strategically in the morning, can help shift the biological clock back so you can sleep at night.
Researchers have discovered that it is possible to reset the human biological clock via exposure to bright light. Essentially, through strategic use of bright enough light you can shift when your clock-dependent alerting occurs, and therefore how early you are tired.
This method was not discovered for some time because the light in fact needs to be of a sufficient luminosity, similar to outdoor light, in order to work (above 10,000 lux). Most standard indoor lighting is significantly below the 10,000 lux mark needed for this to be effective. But the treatment can be easily administered in a clinic or by getting your own light box.

A light box is a box of fluorescent lights above the necessary brightness of 10,000 lux. The individual positions the box so that the most intense light is shinedinto the peripheryof the retina, where the majority of eye receptors are located.
Bright light in the morning will help to advance the biological clock, which is exactly the way you would use it for treating delayed sleep phase syndrome, and treatment continues until the resetting is achieved. If you're interested in this treatment, the light box to the right from Amazon offers an affordable option.

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